Marco, Claire + Aurelia May | An at-home newborn session | Bedford, England

March 16, 2017

Know what I realised when I was uploading these photos? Claire is pretty much my perfect client – she’s smart and creative, owns her own textile design business (take note of the rugs in these photos – they’re her designs!), is in a happy, loving marriage, and is a doting mama to her new little girl, Aurelia.

She and Marco are also the most interesting, lovely mix of their Italian and Irish cultures. They are INCREDIBLY hospitable – when I arrived to take Aurelia’s newborn photos in their beautiful home, they wouldn’t let me start until they had plied me with good, strong coffee and lots of delicious biscuits. (If you know me, you know that good, strong coffee is my love language.)

I remember my own boys’ sleepy newborn days. We were exhausted and everything was blurry, but we were so incredibly happy and in love – with each other, and with this new little person we’d made together, who’d somehow completed us, even though we thought we were already complete. That’s what I saw in Marco and Claire, and in Aurelia.

Exhaustion. Contentment. Love.



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  1. Kari says:

    Too beautiful. I’m expecting baby #2 and these photos make me so excited to have her in my arms <3

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