May we all be failures.

May 28, 2012

I could give you some really good advice about work/life boundaries.

It’s not because every night I turn my computer off at 5pm and don’t even think about work until Adlai’s naptime the next day, and  it’s not because I never check my work emails on my phone while I’m hanging out with Simon in the evenings.

It’s because I fail miserably at it so often.

I can tell you what not to do, because I’ve done it.  I can tell you what works, because I know what doesn’t.

My friend Sarah wrote recently that a few couples in our church had asked her for some advice about communication in marriage. Sarah’s husband thought that was hilarious, because these two are very open about the fact that communication has been an issue for them.  What Sarah had to say, though, was that failure does not automatically disqualify us.

If it did, heaven knows I wouldn’t be qualified for any dang thing I’ve set out to do.

I have folders of poetry and prose hidden at my parents’ house that I pray will never see the light of day.

I have taken some photos that are blurry and overexposed and, worse, some that are so devoid of emotion or thought that I shudder to look at them.

I have opened my mouth to sing in front of crowds of people only to hear my voice come out thin and weak and on completely the wrong note.

But through my failures, I have learned that there is such thing as too many commas, too many adjectives; learned how to set my f-stop in direct sunlight and help people feel relaxed in front of the camera; learned how to better control my voice.  I’ve even learned that when I let my work seep into my family time, I end up with a husband and a son who are dissatisfied – who don’t get the all of me they deserve.

My failures haven’t disqualified me.

By the good grace of God, they have refined me.

Through my failures, I’ve come closer to the person I was meant to be.  And I’ve learned how good the grace of God is to make it so.

I pray you fail, too, so that you might know Him better.  And so that you might be one step closer to the excellence to which you’ve been called.

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  1. Such a beautiful post + what a great reminder!!

  2. GreatSmitten says:

    Thanks Kacia! xx

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