A memo to us when we are good

March 14, 2014

Can I make a confession? (Of course I can.)

There is a photographer I know on the internet – facebook, Twitter, Instagram – and every time I post any photo I’ve taken, I am painfully and acutely aware that she is there. That she can see. And I wish this wasn’t true, but it is: I am painfully and acutely aware when she says, by saying nothing at all, that I am not good enough.


And it makes me mad. But do you know what makes me madder? The fact that I care. That I measure my worth over and over again by the standards of someone I barely even know. That I give one person that much power over me, over how I feel about this dream that I am following.


And I have heard other seasoned photographers making fun of people just starting out. People like me. And I have wanted to hang up my camera, because no one wants to be the butt of someone else’s joke.


But here is the thing: we have all got to start somewhere. And those guys? They were once nervously posting photos on their facebook pages, on some hidden blog somewhere. Desperate to be good. Desperate for someone better to say, “You can do this. I’ll help you.”


So, here are my two requests of you:


If you are a seasoned professional, and you see someone just starting out, reach out to them. Try to remember what it was like when you were new, and you were desperate, and all you wanted in the world was for someone to encourage you. And go with that. Be that person.


If you are new and you are scared, I want us to make a deal: let’s tune out the naysayers. Let’s ignore the mocking voices, and not obsess over the names that are and are not there in the list of facebook likes. Let’s follow these dreams because they are rooted deep down inside our hearts. Let’s surround ourselves with people who believe in us, who encourage us, who are not intimidated by the prospect that we might one day become good, too.

Let’s just start, and then keep going, and when we are good, let’s remember this day. And then let’s find someone with a dream too big for their shaky little hands, and let’s tell them:

“You can do this. I’ll help you.”

13 responses to “A memo to us when we are good”

  1. Carys says:

    This brought bitter-sweet tears to my eyes Faith, as did a previous post (the one about being ‘this tired’ 😉 I did write then to say thank you, and that i love your writing, but somehow i deleted my comment by accident. I wanted you to know that i find myself often referring to you as one of the best writers i have ever known, or worked with. Definitely, definitely keep going at following your dreams. 🙂 xxxx

  2. Sarah says:

    SO GOOD!

  3. Becca says:

    Thank you for this. I know that feeling so painfully well. I, too, dream of being a photographer and I’m struggling because I want it so badly but am so doubting of my abilities when I compare myself to professionals and even just more successful friends. I needed this. Thank you. Also I often think how beautiful your photos are.

  4. Sara says:

    Faith, you are so. good. I felt the same way when I first started, and many days I still do. Here’s to tuning out the naysayers. Hold your head up, and be proud of your amazing work, friend! xo.

  5. jennilonglegs says:

    Faith – you are very talented! Those pictures are beautiful. God gave you a great eye… I’m sure He wouldn’t want any of us to hang up our cameras or our talents.

  6. This post really encouraged me! I don’t even know you but I’ve felt exactly the same way and it has so helped me to hear that others feel this struggle. Thank you so much for this!! And by the way, your work is beautiful..!!! Keep going with it 🙂 Megan xxx

  7. dasmanuel says:

    People making fun about other people are retards, no matter how ‘seasoned’ or ‘professional’ they are (I dare to say the fact that they ARE making fun marks them as the opposite of that).

    You should not encourage them to reach out to newbies, but to … erm … **** off.

    Sorry for those harsh words, but as my experience shows, retards remain retards.

    Superdupernice photos, by the way! Definitely something to be proud of.

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  9. BTW, I love your photo’s. Don’t worry about what people think. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  10. beautifulfrolic says:

    Reblogged this on Amaris Photo and commented:
    Oh, how I absolutely love this.
    Here’s to the dreamers.

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