Storm Sessions


In partnership with Liz Griffin of Lark & Bloom, I’m now offering Storm Sessions – ideation and strategic planning to help make your dreams happen.

We may have never met, but we know your type.  You’ve got dreams to build, ideas to create and goals to execute – all kinds of things running through that brilliant mind of yours. That’s why we like you.

We believe in the places your imagination is taking you and we’d like to help you get there. Storm Sessions will help you put words to the passion you carry inside, assist in clarifying goals, and brainstorm with you about how to help your dreams start gaining traction.

Basically, we want to be your wingman.

What is a Storm Session?

A storm session is a one-hour Skype session where we talk about all those ideas buzzing around in your head  and help you get down to the nitty-gritty of what sets your heart on fire. You leave with a renewed sense of purpose and a strategy for how to move forward.

Who is a Storm Session for?

Want to talk to both of us? We can make that happen, too.

Schedule your storm session now—$100 USD

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