August 23, 2011

I’ve fallen into that trap we’ve all fallen into, of trawling the internet, clicking links from blog to blog to blog, seeing all these lives – these beautiful women in beautiful clothes living in beautiful houses somehow un-ruined by their beautiful children.  I’ve wasted hours.  Days.  And been left feeling frustrated and jealous, coveting what I do not have.

My house is messy and somewhat unkempt.  There are dishes stacked by the sink – baby spoons and sippy cups and the blender Simon uses to make smoothies every morning.  Our kitchen trash can is too small, so sometimes we just put our garbage into a big black sack in the corner.

There are toys on my living room floor pretty much 24 hours a day – blocks, trains, toy giraffes.  Most nights, I tidy them away into a cupboard, but sometimes I don’t, because I know they’ll come back out again at 7am.  There are bits of rice cake ground into the carpet; there is melted candlewax on my hearth; there are tiny little trousers stained with fruit and tomato sauce and milk lying on my bedroom floor.

My own appearance is no different.  My favorite hoodie has spit-up on the shoulder, and I keep forgetting to wash it.  Some of my jeans are too big in the butt, but I wear them anyway because they’re comfortable.  Most days I just scrunch some mousse into my hair and let it air dry.  I can’t remember the last time I felt stylish enough to stand pigeon-toed with my hand in my coiffure, showing off my cute outfit and vintage pumps.  I don’t even own any vintage pumps.

But here’s what I have learned: vintage pumps are overrated.  As are perfectly made beds and dream kitchens.

My life is disheveled, sloppy, messy.  But, to me, messy is beautiful.

11 responses to “Messy/Beautiful”

  1. Christa Cox says:

    It’s wonderful isn’t it? Reading your post, was like opening a window on my life.

  2. Sarah says:

    YES IT IS! And if you ever do get those vintage pumps promise me you won’t stand pigeon-toed. You know how I feel about that… I love you and I wish you were still here so we could sit in my own messy kitchen and compare dirty hoodies.

  3. Michelle says:

    Here, here. All those nice pictures are usually styled to look that way anyway. Nobody with young kids lives in a neat house, at least no one I know. Currently in our living room (our downstairs is one open room) our futon mattress is off because the cat ruined it with his pee and there is just the slatted wood frame, and 2 chairs with no cushions and aluminum foil on them to deter the cat further. It’s pretty fancy.

  4. amanda says:

    i like it!!!!
    (as a side note: i just googled “coif,” and now i’m even more confused. feel free to help me out with that one.)

  5. For real! It really is a struggle for me to keep the house clean, and often I look around and wonder, “Does anyone else have this problem?” I keep things off the floor/table/etc. most days, but I will tell you this: I haven’t dusted in at least a month. And I always feel like sweeping is futile with a busy house and a shedding cat. Sigh. Oh, and will the dishes ever wash themselves? I’ve been waiting for that cartoon magic to happen.

  6. saraheoliver says:

    i love this post. i was tweeting about this very subject last week. what do these outfit post girls wear on a normal day with their kids i wonder?! i too spend copious amounts of time looking at girls in cute outfits feeling worse and worse about my own situation. that is the problem with blogs though. even more so than tv, they are a *tiny* window into a life that is most probably as normal and beautifully mundane as our own! love you and all your messy beauty!

  7. GreatSmitten says:

    Thanks Amanda. I meant “coiffure”, French for “hairdo.”

  8. Tanya says:

    Well dudes, turns out cats are as messy as babies but one thing is for sure messy is good is beAutiful! I say whey hey hey for messy play! I know my 11 month will back me up on that one!

  9. Sara Roberts says:

    If it makes you feel any better, darlin’, at my lunch break today I washed my dishes from Monday night’s dinner. LOL And my living room had my kids’ toys in it until they started school – complete with a Lego table, and different variations of the kid’s table and chairs set where they would eat meals in front of the TV……SO….yeah. Such is life. Even now, after I’ve officially reclaimed my living room, you can still spy the occasional Naked Barbie Woodstock or have the arch of your foot pulverized by arm men (which blend PERFECTLY with my horrid paisley carpet). But it gets better. Not calmer or cleaner, necessarily. But better. Wonderful thoughts, as always.

  10. This line: “I can’t remember the last time I felt stylish enough to stand pigeon-toed with my hand in my coiffure, showing off my cute outfit and vintage pumps. I don’t even own any vintage pumps.” BRILLIANT.

    I suffer from the same blog envy but I have to remind myself that these people are spending A LOT of time focusing on the perfect outfit for the perfect photo for the perfect blog post. That’s time that could be spent rolling around on the floor laughing with their toddler in their yoga pants and greasy hair. That’s pretty how much my days go.

  11. jen says:

    I could not agree more with Mary ! I get jealous of those fancy cameras I saw lost of parents outside both schools with them today ! My apartment is so so small and my kids are never perfect but it is a charmed life it really is and so is yours and you are real ! Maybe it is the Belle in us did you not say your are from the South ? My sister yells at me when I take photos with my i phone and says that this blog business is getting outta hand 🙂

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