The real Michael Jackson died a long time ago.

June 25, 2009

What left this earth this afternoon was a broken, lost individual; the shell of a man who’s been looking for decades for an elusive Hope it seems he never found.

We can mourn the loss of a soul that it seems never made peace with its Creator, but we should be wary of glorifying a man whose life was riddled with scandal and addiction.

A talented musician, yes…but I ask more of a role model.

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  1. this sums up how i feel about his death too, and im almost positive that a lot of people agree with you!


  2. Mike Williams says:

    There are no role models on earth. Period. When we start to look at “men” like role models, we’ve messed up.

  3. catherine says:

    you are so legit. 2 legit. 2legit2quit.

  4. […] something Greater than themselves. We have watched MJ search for meaning his entire life. I echo the sentiments of Faith. She says it very well. He had become a shell of a man and the true MJ died long […]

  5. Jessica Martin says:

    AMEN! that is exactly how I feel!

  6. Charles says:

    I couldn’t agree more.

    I would make no martyr of thee
    Who hath not suffered for mine own sins.

    It frightening how the public and media idolizes those who are a simply reflections of our own sin in the name of faith.

    They should return to their bibles and reacquaint their selves with whom the true “king” is.

  7. Charles says:

    Thank you, I just found your comment. I owe you for some of the inspiration. Even though I was already a little irked, obviously the poem started here. But I sorted it all out in my head while i was at church and when I got home I spit it out. It still needs a little polish maybe but… I “proclaim” you the “queen” of it’s inspiration.


  8. redfallnight says:

    None of us could look inside Michael’s soul, so let’s not make assumptions and judgments of what he may or may have been searching for and may or may not have found. There are many elements to his life that were NOT made public that we do not know about and possibly never will.

    Let’s leave the judging to God (as the Bible clearly states we should) and hope for the best in people.

  9. atomicblonde says:

    Redfallnight – You’re very right. It is not our place to judge and, in fact, I admit I can’t say what happened in MJ’s heart in his last days.

    When I wrote this, I was appalled at the hero worship that was going on on every TV and radio station, in every magazine…and the capitalising his family seemed – and continues to seem – to be doing on his death.

  10. Tony mony says:

    M.j is gone n neva ll he return back to us,when he was alive he had no peace now he is resting n stil no peace.let leave him 2 enjoy his enternal sleep,as for judgement dat is left 4 God.

  11. GSTAR says:

    I found your site because I;ve come across info that the real MJ did in fact died years ago from the 1984 pepsi commercial. I know it sounds far out but I’ve been looking at the visual evidence. The most startling of all is that MJ was a short fellow and there is a pic with him and Brook Shields pre 1984 with her towering over him and then another pick of him with Brook Shields post 1985 with him and her at the same height and this new skin color. Very bizarre but I’m not dismissing it I will investigate it some more. The love of money is evil and I will not put anything past hollyweird. -Blessings

  12. Nettie says:

    Yo, that’s what’s up trlulfuthy.

  13. Jerome says:

    eh GSTAR he died in 85 not 84 there is no pic with MJ and brooke shileds in 1985 in the 90s he is the same height as her MJ died in 85 there is a pic of him and Diana Ross in 84 he is slightly taller than her then in 86 AMA(american music awards) he towers over her
    pause at 8:55 then compare his hright in 84

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