My Goals for 2015

January 6, 2015

I don’t really do New Year’s Resolutions. If I say, “I’m going to run every day!” I will most certainly fail.

But a goal? I can do a goal. It’s a nuance I’ve learned in the past few years, the difference between a resolution and a goal. A resolution is a grand statement about how things are going to be better from now on; a goal is a concrete thing that I can pursue and, when I’m done, check off my list. I like lists. And I like being done with things.

Last year, I didn’t really have any goals. Koa was a baby and I wasn’t sleeping and mostly my goal was just to make it through 2014 without having a nervous breakdown. (I did it! Yay!)

But things are a bit more calm and steady now, and I’ve got a list of goals for 2015. They’re a mix of business and personal, and I like it that way.

Here they are:

In the past – like, before I had kids – I haven’t been great at follow-through. But setting goals for myself has really helped in recent years, and there’s nothing like the feeling of crossing something off a list. It rivals only taking a box of unwanted stuff to the charity shop on the scale of euphoria.

I’ll be writing about all these things in the coming year, and hopefully it’ll be mostly good news. Want to help me meet some of my goals? Book a Storm Session. Or send your engaged friends to

What are your goals for 2015? Hit me in the comments.

8 responses to “My Goals for 2015”

  1. Those are some excellent goals, and I totally hear you on the kid front and how the lack of sleep can destroy all goal meeting.

    I’ve never been one for looking ahead and planning or self-introspection, so I don’t do goals. I guess I’d like to finish a novel, blog a bit more, and just live. Like my #1 goal is to be alive at this time next year.

  2. Mim says:

    One of mine will be to book in a photography session with u for Lara 🙂

  3. I need to know what a capsule wardrobe is. MY GOAL IS TO FIND OUT WHAT A CAPSULE WARDROBE IS!

  4. Faith says:

    MIM – Do it. Make all my dreams come true.

  5. barbdsykes says:

    Awesome for you to set goals for yourself even in midst of being a parent, wife and other amazing roles you are in life. You can do it. I have faith in you. It’s very refreshing and encouraging to put it on paper and have people help you to be accountable.

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