My mom is going to kill me.

May 16, 2009

You’re never too old to care what your mom thinks.

But I like it.

9 responses to “My mom is going to kill me.”

  1. seven says:

    I love my nose ring.

    And my mom surprised me… she actually really likes mine. She said that “it’s dainty and feminine and pretty” and that she thinks it’s adorable.

    So maybe your mom will too. 🙂

  2. Christina Cameron says:

    It took me a while to figure out why your mom would kill you. My first thought was that you maybe took a naked picture or something. But now I see from that last comment.
    But I thought you always had a nose ring? It fits you so well.
    My mom accepted my lip ring while I had it, I think your mom will like this.

  3. Ouch! Did it hurt? I want one, too, but I’m not brave enough.

    • atomicblonde says:

      It only hurt for a minute, and I’m a big wuss. I’ve had it for a whopping 4 days now, and I can’t even feel it!

  4. christyleeknutson says:

    I AM SO JEALOUS! I have been trying so very hard to get a good friend of mine to go with me and do it together…I would have joined you if I’d have known! I even asked about the piercing policy at work, haha. Congrats!

  5. Jennafleur says:

    Wow- look how hip you are! 🙂 I like it! This one time, in highschool… I thought I would use a magnetic earring to freak my mom out and make her think I got a nose ring. Plan worked perfectly until I sniffed too hard and snorted the magnetic back right up my nose. Wonder whatever happened to that?

  6. MaMama says:

    this is isabelle i feel ur pain, Faith, but i love it! 🙂

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