Naturally Slim Winter Sessions

January 15, 2014

Guys, you know I wouldn’t tell you something was great if it wasn’t.  So listen to me when I say that what I’m about to tell you is GREAT.

Kezia from Super Naturally Healthy has been making over my family’s diet for the past six months.  We have never been more healthy, but we have also never eaten such delicious food. Butter (butter!), bacon, delicious fresh fruit smoothies, warming soups, and CAKE.  I already loved Kezia, but every time she tells me that something delicious is good for me, I love her a little bit more. 

She’s launching an online programme called Naturally Slim, and I’m going to let her tell you about it.  It’s not a scheme or a weird wrap or meal replacement shakes: it’s just real, really delicious food that will make your body happier than maybe it’s ever been before.  I’ll let Kezia tell you the rest:

naturally slim

Naturally Slim is not a diet!

I will repeat: It is not a diet.

It is about getting healthy for life. Yes, you will lose weight, but you will also create healthy habits and ways of eating that will last you for life.

What is the point in working really hard to lose 3 stone in 18 months only to put it all back on again in 3 months because your circumstances changed and you could no longer attend slimming groups, afford the ‘diet’ food, you got busier or something traumatic happened? If you have learned to follow a ‘plan’ but haven’t dealt with the underlying issues that have caused your weight, or learned to listen to your body, the weight will just find its way onto you again.

Naturally Slim is a 12-week program that introduces you to real food, teaches you to listen to your body and  causes you to make small sustainable changes that will last. As you follow the tried + tested 5 Unique Principles and enjoy delicious food, you will see weight and fat disappear.

Program opens 20th January and if you sign up before the end of  the month you don’t pay any joining fee, meaning all you pay is £5 a week! Marvellous!

early bird-NS 2

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  1. Andrea says:

    I really love this approach to eating. There’s nothing better than real food that is healthy but also delicious. I’m trying to get much better about what I eat – my biggest weakness is frozen meals that I grab for lunch!

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