Oh good gracious.

September 30, 2010

I’ve disappeared for a few days because this has been the week from hell.

Starting last Thursday with a horrible day at work for Simon – he works with the homeless, and their lives are volatile and unpredictable.  I’ll leave it at that.

My Bruise - mildly inappropriate, but freaking amazing!

Saturday, we were looking forward to him getting off at 4pm and having a quiet night and a quiet Sunday to recover from his bad day, when I tumbled down most of the stairs up to our attic bedroom.  Two hours in the emergency room later, and we were assured the baby was fine and I was just battered and bruised.  Still, I was shaken up (and black and blue).

Sunday, Simon popped his bike tire for the second time in a week.

Monday, the car wouldn’t start.

Tuesday, a bad cold set in.

Wednesday, more of the same.

Today, though, we experienced the kindness of a stranger who was walking down our street as Simon was fiddling with the spark plugs and a can of WD-40 under our car’s hood.  A mechanic, he stopped and offered to fix the car for free because, he said, he was moved by Simon’s smile and friendly “good morning.”

So yeah…tough week.  But things are looking up.

Plus, did you see my bruise???

9 responses to “Oh good gracious.”

  1. Michelle says:

    Oh, good gracious! That bruise is crazy – Yikes!

  2. Helen says:

    Faaaaaaaaith! That’s an outrageously bad bruise. Is that your thigh? Good grief! Do you bruise more easily when you’re pregnant. How did you land? You need to get some rubber soled slippers for when the baby comes 😉

  3. Jessica says:

    That bruise is amazing!! I am glad that you and Baby are okay! Sending Bruise Healin’ love your way!

  4. Caitie says:

    You poor thing! I couldn’t imagine a week like this as a non-pregnant person, much less with all of the crazy preggo hormones! Praise the Lord that your precious little one is okay. Save that photo of the bruise for the baby book (I’ve NEVER EVER seen anything like that)!

  5. wordmixer says:

    Faith, what a week. Glad you and Baby are ok though. I have to say I sympathise with a bruise of that scale – I had one appear sevearl times like that – it covered almost all of my leg and I took numerous photos of its changing colours! The slippy boots went in the bin after the third fall & then a trip in/to Norway in the snow brought back the colours. Enjoy the development! xxxx

  6. amanda says:

    oh my goodness, that bruise is crazy! i’m thankful you and the little one are ok! and i’m thankful for someone fixing your car for free. that’s exciting.

  7. Keri says:

    Oh my goodness, Faith! I’m so glad that you (other than horrific bruise) and the baby are ok! Praying next week is better!!

  8. Jennifer & Chad says:

    GOOD LORD… Faith… after seeing that I am even more thankful you and the baby are okay. I hope things start looking better for you guys… we love you.

  9. Michelle says:

    Now I’m wishin’ I snapped a pic of my bruise … They could be twins! Glad you were shown kindness by the friendly mechanic. Here’s to a fresh week!

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