August 10, 2010

I’ve been getting a lot of advice from all kinds of sources lately.  There’s something about pregnancy, and childbirth, and child-rearing, for that matter, that opens up the door for input from everyone from mothers-in-law to friends to random strangers on the street.

Along these same lines, I recently heard two stories that I find shocking:

First, a friend told me she was walking around Target with her 4-month-old baby boy (in sweltering hot North Carolina), and realized he was sweating and unhappy.  She took his socks off to help him cool down, and before she could even get back to her car, she was stopped by not one, but TWO strangers who told her she should ‘put some socks on that boy.’

If she was carrying him around by one arm, I’d understand people intervening, but for Pete’s sake.

Another friend told me she was bottle-feeding her baby in a coffee shop – with a bottle of breastmilk, mind you – and two different women came up to her and lectured her about breastfeeding being best.  Good golly – I agree with them, but it was freaking breastmilk.  And what if my friend, for some reason, wasn’t able to breastfeed?

What is it about babies that invites advice from people who don’t even know you?

Simon wrote about some of the ‘advice’ we’ve gotten last week on his blog, which you can read here.

4 responses to “Okthankyou”

  1. Philip Evans says:

    You should try living in Macedonia – we had 3 ‘physicians’ approach a friend of ours and tell her that her babies head should be covered.

    If you tell parents their baby is good looking its a curse – you should say it looks very ugly and toasting with water instead of alcohol means your child will wet the bed and all that bo####ks.

  2. Helen says:

    Let’s just hope you’re not overdue. Then the advice really starts pouring it. I had a desire to actually punch someone in Waitrose who was giving me crap advice about what would make the baby come. That’s not to mention the midwife who said she would only come when I was ‘truly ready’ and was there anything left undone at home. It was this point I audited the toiletries. Miserable.

  3. It starts early too! I’m just about 23 weeks pregnant and the “advice” keeps pouring in. The best is when people feel the need to dole out this advice while poking my belly… or when they kindly give up their subway seat only to trap you in a train ride of lectures on birthing balls and nipple cream… i’m convinced it will never end 🙂

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