Pack your bags, we’re headed west.

June 28, 2009

I’ve got to get something off my chest: three weeks ago, I was preparing my heart to return to England.  

But things change quickly, and if I’ve learned anything this year, it’s not to fight it.

We’re moving, alright, but not overseas.  We’re not even moving out of state.  We’re just moving west: toward the mountains, toward the cooler weather.  Toward trees that turn red and gold in the Autumn, and where there are hills to sled down when it snows – which it does more often – instead of miles and miles of flat, flat cotton fields.

We’re moving to Winston-Salem.  To the home of tobacco –  (I went to college up there on a Reynolds’ Scholarship, my student mantra: “Keep smokin’, folks.  You’re payin’ for my education.”) – and Moravian stars, and Krispy Kreme.  

We’ve been talking about this possibility for over a year.  We’ve got amazing friends in and around Winston, but now it seems right.  And it’s funny how God can bring you full circle, back to something you already considered and ruled out.  It wasn’t the wrong place, just the wrong time.  Our hearts weren’t ready yet.  

Now they are.

And so I covet your prayers: for a house, for jobs, for a church, and for a community where we can feed and be fed.

12 responses to “Pack your bags, we’re headed west.”

  1. catherine says:

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :):)

  2. evan says:

    Would love to have you guys for dinner at some point. There are some great church communities and coffee shops in winston.

  3. heidi says:

    does this mean you are closer to us?

  4. Krista DeBose Walker says:

    good luck with everything faith! i don’t know if you remember cindy johnson from “witness” but she is in the w-s area and has a ministry called “stage 2 ministries” and i know she does some touring and does concerts for churches up there. maybe you could get ahold of her and she could give you suggestions about churches! again, good luck and you have my prayers!

  5. elisabeth says:

    oh faith! my heart is happy to hear that you will be near me once again! please please please let’s be friends.

  6. cory says:

    and closer to me! i’m so happy for the both of you!

    • atomicblonde says:

      a you/me reunion is most certainly in the cards for 2009. preferably one where you make me some business cards on your fancy new letterpress.

  7. Lori says:

    Congratulations! Miss my walking buddy :-p

  8. Matt says:

    Love the blog Faith. Hope the move goes well!

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