Paul + Anne-Claire | Engaged

May 26, 2015

Confession: Paul & Anne-Claire got married last month, so this engagement session is a leeeeeeeetle bit overdue. But I wanted to get it up here before I posted their wedding, because posting an engagement session after a wedding is just…weird, right? Maybe it’s just me.

Either way…

These two are MFEO (read: made for each other – who remembers Sleepless in Seattle??). Their shared love of movies brought them together to start with, and has been something they’ve bonded over since their earliest days of dating. It even carried through to their wedding decor, which you’ll see when I post their wedding later this week.

We shot their engagement session at the Forest of Marston Vale, where they got engaged last year.¬†Funny story: when we decided to do the shoot there, I texted Paul saying, “Oh great! I’ve really been wanting to take a photo at the windmill.” Well y’all, we walked around that park for two hours, and couldn’t find this windmill I was sure I remembered seeing there. Finally, when we returned to the forest centre for a cup of tea (as you do – this is England, after all), Anne-Claire asked the lady behind the counter where the windmill was.

“There’s no windmill,” she said.

Apparently I’d created some imaginary windmill in my mind. Anyway, in case anyone was wondering: THERE IS NO WINDMILL AT MARSTON VALE.

Oh well. At least there were pretty pictures.

(Also, keep your eyes peeled for a little ring made of string that Paul proposed with.)

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  1. dasmanuel says:

    Beautiful pictures and a beautiful couple!

    Only thing I’m sad about is that there is no like button within your posts … I’ll check the overview for those, but why not activating them here so that your visitors can show their love?

    With best regards

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