please respect the perimeter around the Le Baron.

March 26, 2008

I’m going to England next Thursday.  It’s our first anniversary on April 7 and I haven’t seen Simon in seven weeks, which is – let’s be honest – way too many weeks.  So, in response to a burning desire on my part and a nudge from my parents who have listened to me cry a total of at least 48 out of the last 49 days, I’m hopping on a jet plane on April 3.

We got discouraged today because the US Embassy updated their processing dates and they’re STILL on January 7th.  They were on January 7th last Monday.  Ok, Friday and Monday were both bank holidays, but in 4 days last week they didn’t process any petitions?  Amy, my contact at Bob Etheridge’s office, keeps reassuring me that this is good/normal/faster than it would be if they were processing our application in America. But I pretty much freaked out on her today:  “This is my HUSBAND,” I typed.  My friend Heidi put into words the other day what I was feeling:

I really understand how challenging this is – waiting for a child is probably similar to waiting for a husband. And, you picture that gov’t employee reading the paper or sipping coffee or talking about LOST rather than taking 4 minutes to process your paperwork and it is just maddening!!!

Heidi and her husband Dave have adopted three amazing children: Sarah (from China), Alden (from China), and Zion (from Ethiopia).

So, the good news is, I’m going to England for four full days and I cannot wait to see Simon’s lovely English face.


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  1. Helen says:

    Once again…God bless Amy!

  2. […] from my husband for four months, and forced to celebrate our one-year wedding anniversary during a weekend jaunt back to England.  My faith suffered.  My health suffered.  Anxiety and depression assaulted me […]

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