Quick As My Can

July 10, 2013

There are moving men on the street outside of my house, and I hate them.

It is not a justifiable hate, but it is the hate that can only be born from a mother who had to try for two hours to get two babies to sleep with banging and shouting going on just a few metres from their sleepy little heads.

Anyway.  For now, my boys sleep.  And I type. “Quick as my can,” as Adlai would say.

I have been on what I’ll call “maternity leave” from this blog for the past 15 weeks.  (Sweetly, thanks to European labour laws, I’ll be on actual maternity leave from my actual work for another 24 weeks.  Thankyouverymuch, Britain.)

Although I haven’t been writing much here, I have been thinking an awful lot about writing here, and I’ve got quite a few things I want to share with you in the coming weeks.

One of the most exciting is a collaboration I’ve been working on with Kezia Hall of Super Naturally Healthy.

I mentioned not too long ago (or was it a really long time ago?  I can’t remember) that I’ve been getting more into “real food” and healthier eating…and by “healthy”, I don’t mean low-fat, sugar-free.  Gross.

I’ve told Kezia a lot about my family’s diet, and about how I want our lifestyle to change, and we’re going to work together to make some changes that will work well for a budget-conscious family with two busy parents and two small children.  I’ll be sharing our journey here, including some recipes and all the crazy new vocabulary words I’m learning (kefir, anyone?).

I’m still figuring out how to do our life with two little boys, but we’re getting there.  So I thank you guys for hanging in there for the newborn stage (glad that’s over), and for encouraging me when I’ve needed it. It’s hard to step away from this blog for long periods of time, but that’s what this season has called for.

And I’m back now.  I think.  Or I will be soon.  And I’m looking forward to doing (new, different, healthier) life with you again.

2 responses to “Quick As My Can”

  1. Ashely Clark says:

    Welcome back! I too have been transitioning to real food and am toying with going more plant based. I was actually discussing it with friends last night. I won’t ever be a vegetarian. I am southern for cryin’ out loud! And, I gotta have my Eastern NC BBQ. But, I can do better. I can’t wait to follow along on your journey!

  2. Emily B. says:

    Reading this post made me think of an awesome resource for your healthier lifestyle. Check out 100 Days of Real Food. It’s a great blog with tons of tips, recipes, even grocery lists/shopping on a reasonable budget. It was started by a woman in Charlotte, NC. Enjoy!

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