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February 24, 2016

Know what I like? Marriage.

I love weddings because of the flowers and the pretty dresses, sure. But more because of the massive thing that’s happening there – the two people choosing each other, saying, “This is us, for the rest of our lives. I choose you. And I’ll fight for you, and for this.” That’s my favourite part, even more than flower crowns (and I love a flower crown) and dapper grooms and plaited hair.

And because I love marriage, I love all the days beyond the wedding, too. I love shooting pregnant women with their husbands, because they are In This Thing Together. I like the way he looks at her and sees her carrying their future, and the way she leans on him because she knows she can.

And I like all the days in-between, too. I like the normal days 5-years-in, or 30-years-in. The days that are significant because We Are Still Here. We Are Still Choosing This.

And that’s why I get excited for things like this.

Rob and Jenny.

Who have been married 4.5 years and haven’t started a family, but have just bought a new house and are loving each other through ripping out the kitchen and sleeping rough in the living room surrounded by paint cans and dust. Rob runs a bakery¬†in Northampton called The Good Loaf, where they employ ex-offenders and teach them to bake bread and run a business. He makes Jenny laugh. He looks at her and you can tell he sees all the years they’ve spent together since they were teenagers and all the years they’ll spend together till they’re old and grey.

I love that. I love that this isn’t an engagement shoot or a maternity shoot, or even an anniversary shoot. But that these guys know that the fact that they’re still there, and choosing each other every day, is something worth celebrating.

And if God will let me, I’ll take that kind of picture every day for the rest of my life.


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  1. Jennifer B. says:

    Ah, Faith! I wish you were in Colorado to take our maternity pictures! You do such amazing work!

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