Sarah’s Holiday Crafts, Part II: Prayer Cards

December 31, 2011

Today’s craft from my friend Sarah is a great little something to work on as you think about ringing in the New Year and getting 2012 started off right.  I was just talking to Simon the other day about wanting to invest more in my prayer life and spend good quality time talking to God, so this project gives me some great inspiration.  Also, for someone like me who needs a bit of help with organization and time management, and who gets distracted very easily, even while praying (“Dear God, Please watch over my…wait…did I turn off my straighteners?…Anyway, yes, watch over my family and…my family.  I miss my Mom.  I should call her later…”) this is a big help. 

Enjoy it, and please send me photos of your finished projects!


Hi again, Great Smitten readers!  Last week, I wrote about my sister and her gift of generosity. Karla and I would agree that her generous and kind heart had a great deal to do with my mother.

My mom, holding my little boy minutes after he was born

I call her my steel magnolia because she has the most joyful soul and tough-as-nails heart of anyone I know. She is also a prayer warrior. So much so that my friends call me just to ask me if she will pray for them. She takes prayer seriously. And she does it with faith and determination.

One of my favorite childhood memories is waking up around 5 or 6 am when it was still dark outside and sleepily walking into the kitchen to get a drink of water. So many mornings I would glance into the living room and see my mother kneeling at the foot of our couch, her heart wrapped up in a desperate prayer.

I never knew exactly what she was praying for on those quiet mornings, and I usually padded back to my bedroom without interrupting her, but what I did know is that my mother had a heart for taking things to the Lord and that when someone asked her to pray for them she did.

I want to be like that. I try to be like that. But I am not there yet. While I am still figuring out how best to juggle the roles in my life now that I’m a mother, one of my biggest goals is to be more accountable with my prayers. No matter how God has gifted you, everyone is called be to faithful prayer.

Because I love visuals, I made a set of daily prayer cards. I ripped out a few pages from a beautiful journal (another Lotta Jansdotter find at the consignment sale!). Then I laminated the sheets to make them durable and wipeable since I’d be using them in the kitchen.

(By the way, laminating things is one of my small pleasures in life. I bought my own personal laminator from Target to use in my classroom when I taught elementary school. For twenty dollars you can experience this amazingly satisfying experience for yourself!!)

Before writing, I sat down and wrote a list of the people I wanted to pray for regularly. I divided them up into groups and assigned them a day. This doesn’t mean that I only pray for these people on this assigned day. In fact, I pray for people all of the time when I happen to think of them. But it does ensure that they are prayed for, earnestly and faithfully, every week.

I wrote my prayer list with a Sharpie marker. This way, it’s durable but I can wipe it clean with nail polish remover if I want to change or update it.


Here’s what I wrote on each card:

Give Thanks!

I always want to start my day with a prayer of thankfulness first.

Pray for Steve/Sarah

My husband is using these cards too and praying for each other is essential for our marriage.

Pray for Wyatt

More on this later!

Pray for ____ 

This varies from day to day. I want to make sure to give a good bit of time to praying for our family, friends and others.

For example, on Monday I pray for our immediate and extended family as well as our sponsor child, Rosemary.

On Tuesdays I pray for our dinner party group (yup, that includes my dear friend, Faith!).

On Saturdays I pray for our neighborhood community, our local leaders and our government.


It’s such a simple thing but these little cards have transformed my prayer life. I keep them behind my kitchen sink, leaning up against the window and I look at them throughout the day. It’s been a small but strong step toward becoming a prayer warrior like my mother, for praying for people when I say that I will, and most importantly for strengthening my faith and dependence on my Heavenly Father.


*About praying for my son:

I made a separate card for specific prayers for my son. I’ve known several people who have prayed daily prayers for their children and I wanted to do the same. We wrote prayers that cover all aspects of his life.

If you have a hard time reading from the picture, here are the prayers we say with and for Wyatt each day.

We pray that Wyatt would:

Sunday: believe in Jesus and hold Him in his heart, becoming a strong man of God.

Monday: honor and respect his parents, obeying them and learning from them.

Tuesday: show God’s love to others through his actions, loving them as does Christ.

Wednesday: have a strong, wise and creative mind and a love for learning.

Thursday: have a healthy body, and joyful soul and a love for life.

Friday: one day find a wife who loves the Lord with all her heart and loves Wyatt unconditionally.

Saturday: have parents who love each other, are committed to each other and make a home that is safe and full of laughter.

It was so fun to pop over to Faith’s lovely blog again! Sisters and mothers (or women that have taken on those roles in your life) inspire us emotionally and creatively.  Pay it forward with a gift or a prayer!



6 responses to “Sarah’s Holiday Crafts, Part II: Prayer Cards”

  1. mama says:

    Sarah, Thanks for sharing! Even we “older” mothers and prayer warriors can use rejuvenating…I plan to share this idea with my prayer partner as well. May God richly bless you and your family as you strive to grow closer to Him.

  2. Kj says:

    Oh I love this and I’m totally going to do it!!

    I also have a laminator (and I was never a teacher, I just love laminating) and a passion for sharpie markers, so this project is going to be such a joy!

  3. Kristi VanHoy says:

    How Blessed I am to have such amazing daughters.
    Sarah, Your gift of prayer cards will bless many lives and families in ways you will never know.
    Thank you for allowing God to work thru you in such a mighty way.
    Faith / Hope  what a wonderful friend to Sarah you have been. I thank God for you. Miss you , Love , Kristi

    • GreatSmitten says:

      Oh Kristi! I’ve got a little tear in my eye! Thank you for raising Sarah to know how to be such a good and faithful friend. xxx

  4. Sherrie says:

    Love the prayer cards … I was looking for a craft like this ….would love to see more

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