Smitten with Cambridge

March 17, 2011

We spent the yesterday in what is fast becoming my favorite English city.  Yes, that’s right, Cambridge is giving London a run for it’s smoggy, pretentious money.

We’d never been to Cambridge, which is only about half an hour’s drive from us, until my longest-time friend Lauren came to visit back in October, but since then it’s been our go-to location for visitors.  And, since our friend Jessica is here until Friday, you know we had to take her, too.

Yesterday’s forecast was “grey cloud”, but as long as it’s not raining, it’s a good day for an outing.

When we get to Cambridge, and I mean every time, we have to hit up a little shop called Chocolat Chocolat, where Simon gets a tiny cup of sipping chocolate.  It’s not hot chocolate, it’s straight up melted chocolate.  It will kill you.  But you’ll die happy.

Next, we take a walk along the cobbled streets with names like Jesus Lane and Magdalene Street, before stopping in at my most favorite shop, Ark.

With three floors of unique housewares, adorable baby toys, vintage clothing, and all kinds of other fun stuff, I could stay in here for hours.  (And, much to Simon’s disgust, I sometimes do.)

Not one to let too much time pass between coffee stops, our next destination is MichaelHouse, a café set in a hundreds-of-years-old church.

When the university is open to visitors, we like to peek at our favorite, Trinity College, and imagine that we could’ve gotten into Cambridge if we’d buckled down in high school.

Of course, if that’d happened, everything could’ve been different.  If we’d gone to Cambridge, and not tiny little Hull University in Scarborough, North Yorkshire, we might never have met.

And I’m not smitten with that idea.


(photos by my lovely friend Sarah Kearns)

5 responses to “Smitten with Cambridge”

  1. Saana says:

    Lovely photos especially the last one. I love the city too and my favourite shop is also Ark. Did you know there’s two in Cambridge? The other one is close to the Grafton shopping centre and next to a nice restaurant CB2. Maybe we’ll go together some time. S x

  2. Matthew says:

    Emily and I both miss the place. I hope you crossed a few bridges.

  3. sociallyactive says:

    We loved Ark!! We kept going in over and over again. Dan didn’t love it that much of course. He waited outside.

    • atomicblonde says:

      Sounds like Simon at the Cath Kidston store yesterday. Jessica and I stayed in there about half an hour, and Simon went for a walk through the market and looked at second-hand bikes.

  4. Lauren says:

    I’m glad I was there when you discovered this sweet little town! I miss it, and you for that matter.

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