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January 2, 2009

Anne, or Annie, (I’m never quite sure and would like you to clear this up, please, Ann(i)e) over at The Daily Digress tagged me in this nifty little game.  She was originally tagged by Blog o’ Beth, who created this nice little graphic, which I’m stealing from Ann(i)e, who stole it from Beth.

Apparently, I have to make five predictions for 2009, which should be easy since I’m prophetic.  Haha, just kidding, God.  Don’t be mad.

Here they are, in no particular order:

1. I predict I’ll be able to run 5 miles without dying by March.  I’m currently consistently finishing 1 mile in 11 minutes and 28 seconds.  You have to start somewhere.


2.  I predict I’ll be pregnant with our first child by December, no matter what Simon says.

3.  I predict there will be two more rounds of layoffs at the News and Observer, and I’ll narrowly escape both of them.


4.  I predict a North Carolina team will win the NCAA Basketball Championships – again.

5.  I predict poodle perms will make an unexpected comeback during NY Fashion week.

Now, my turn to do the tagging, which is good, cause I like to be in control (just ask my work neighbor, Chris, who told me he wasn’t surprised this morning when I said, “I do what I want.”)

I tag: Ashely at It’s More than A Drawl, Y’all, Heidi at Sneathspot, and Cory at Five Feet Small.

Do it.

4 responses to “Tagged by The Daily Digress”

  1. Annie says:

    #2 gave me chills – best of luck!

    #5 is interesting. It wouldn’t be too shocking, really, since jumpsuits are in again.

    For the record, I answer to Annie or Anne – my husband calls me Annie and I started using it when I started my blog. Mostly I’m Anne in real life, but I like Annie. Anne sounds kind of sour.


  2. Helen says:

    Dwight babies. Wooo hooooooooooooooooo!

  3. Ashely says:

    I finally did as I was told!

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