Tea: Morning, Noon, and Night

January 17, 2010

If there’s one thing the British love, it is a hot beverage.  Tea, coffee, hot chocolate – you name it.  The people love a hot drink.

Thankfully, as a lover of beverages hot and cold, I’m quite happy to take part in the near-worship of the hot drink as an institution.  Tea for breakfast, afternoon tea, tea after dinner: I’ll take it any time of day.  In fact, I’m drinking a cup of tea right now. I take mine with milk and a teaspoon of sugar, although Simon tells me adults don’t drink sugar in their tea.  I plead my American case: I’m an infant in my Englishness, and that’s my excuse.

4 responses to “Tea: Morning, Noon, and Night”

  1. lissie says:

    i also love hot beverages. and when i come, i will wear rainbow flip flops

  2. atomicblonde says:

    Thank you, my love. I will make you all the hot beverages you could ever want.

  3. love your excuse. i think im a teenager in my englishness. i take milk and a ‘wet spoon’ of sugar. sarah

  4. Sabrina says:

    Hot bevs are so cozy! I think I need a cup of tea from reading this entry.

    Also, I love your blog’s new banner. So cute!

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