The Danger of Hopelessness

May 24, 2010

When we’re young, it is so easy to believe:

But somewhere, at some point, that changes: we get older, we don’t get the job we wanted, the people we love don’t love us back, and the visa doesn’t come in time.

Things happen outside of us, and that causes something to happen within us.

Something ugly.

Something sad.

Something false.

We stop believing, because believing is disappointing.  Believing means hoping, and hope hurts too much when it doesn’t happen the way we believed it would.

But the danger of not believing is worse than the disappointment.  The unbelief means there’s no hope, and no hope is the saddest thing that can happen to us.  It deafens us to God’s voice, it cripples us, and, in the end, it kills us.

Hope keeps us alive.

More than breathing, the life Hope gives makes us whole.

5 responses to “The Danger of Hopelessness”

  1. Debbie says:

    My hope is in the Lord!

  2. Selina Blakeney says:

    I’ve been crippled by despair many times. It’s just another lie that keeps you trapped by saying,’there’s nowhere else to go’ when in fact, there is somewhere to go, it’s just going to mean some broken fingernails and scratched knees climbing out of the pit. But Jesus always throws you a rope and waits at the other end for you to grab hold…………x

  3. Joy says:

    Sam Phillips has this great song where she sings, “Help is coming, one day late.” I know that sense of feeling like God is a day late and a dollar short. Somehow even in those moments I stumble about with my heart bleeding saying to God that, “I believe, but forgive my unbelief.” Over the Rhine has a song too, where they sing, “I’m not letting go, I’m just losing my grip.” I remind myself that I’m not responsible for being my own superhero when it comes to managing my faith, because I believe that God’s okay with my honest heart and my broken faith. There is tremendous value in sifting through the questions that moments of despair lead us to. God already knows what’s in our heart and it takes sifting for us to realize our own humanity.

    Something I wrote about this:

  4. sarah oliver says:

    love it. when i was sitting at dr the other day, nervous about what they would say about labor, i got the song in my head, ‘all my hope is in you, my treasure and my truth, my hope is in you.’ i felt lots better.

    there is always hope.

  5. gmtnunez says:

    I can’t remember how I found your blog, but I’m in my twenties, and frankly, I need to hear a lot of the stuff you’ve written in this blog. And I found this post, and it actually brought me to tears. I needed this. Thank you.

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