The meanest prank ever

April 1, 2009

When I was 18, before I knew you shouldn’t do things like this to boys, I sent my then-boyfriend an email that went something like this:

Dear ****,

I’m writing to tell you that I just can’t do this anymore. I really care about you, but I don’t feel like this is the right thing. I’ve been going over and over it in my head, and I can’t get peace about it. It’s not you; it’s me. I’m sorry. The past 4 months have been great. I hope we can always be friends.



Five minutes later, I sent this:


I don’t know why Simon says McDuffie girls are ruthless. Do you, Cat?


By the way, if that had been a legit breakup, instead of the one that happened two years later, it would’ve saved a lot of people a lot of heartache. Ah, well…

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