The place where my hope comes from

December 13, 2012

Life could take, take every dream away
You’d still be my Risen One, the place where my hope comes from
Life could break, You’d still be my saving grace
My promise of all to come, the place where my hope comes from

-Trent, Perfect Sacrifice

At a Christmas party the other night, I sat across from a woman who has seven children.  When her youngest was eight months old, her husband left her and all of them, out of the blue.  She is Scandinavian and they were living and working in the Middle East.

Beside her at dinner was her “new” husband, whom she fell in love with several months later.  Who married her and became a father to her seven children.  They’ve been married 15 years.

Earlier that day, I’d read the story of a couple who are planning a wedding for this coming June.  He lost his daughter to cancer, and then his wife.  She is a mother of five whose marriage ended painfully.

Sometimes the thought of something tragic creeps into my imagination.  It sneaks in when I’m not ready, when my guard is down.  It’s often when Simon is late home from work and he’s riding his bike and it’s dark and icy outside.  Or when I turn my back in the park and lose sight of Adlai for a split-second.  And when these things creep in, they sit hard on my chest, and I squeeze my eyes tight and whisper, out loud, “I couldn’t go on.”

The thing that is so amazing to me about these stories?  About these women and this man?  Is that every single one of them can say, and does, “God is good.”

Oh, to know hope like that.

5 responses to “The place where my hope comes from”

  1. beautifulfrolic says:

    this does something in my chest and gut and heart that just ties it all up in a big knot only to have some non-tangible power turn it into a bow and whisper “Redemption”.

  2. Sarah says:

    Wow – such true true things. Those moments creep in on me at the end of perfect days. This is such a beautiful perspective.

  3. larkandbloom says:

    I want to know hope like that too! Love this post.

  4. audrey says:

    I hope I do one day.

  5. Boudica says:

    Believe me, you do NOT want to go through what it takes to know “hope” like that. Not everyone leaves saying, “God is good”. Don’t forget about the rest of us who lose all faith in God because He eventually turned out to not be there when He was needed. I left my faith in God, knowing that it would be better to believe that God didn’t exist than to believe in a Cosmic Sadist.

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