The Quietness of a Gentle Dream

May 4, 2012

Sometimes excitement isn’t all screams and exclamation points.

Sometimes it’s whispers and shrugs, quiet head nods. Sometimes it’s just peace.

There are exciting things happening now.  Quiet things.  Dreams coming alive.  Dreams I’d barely even gathered the courage to whisper.  Slowly, gradually, bringing themselves into fruition at the beckoning of the God who planted them there.

You can see the roots of one of them here.

And another, here.

And I’ll just leave it at that for now.

2 responses to “The Quietness of a Gentle Dream”

  1. Hannah Kin says:

    Hi Faith,
    After reading this post, I followed your link to Sashes to the Merchants and it inspired, moved and excited me all at the same time. Although I’ve followed Jessi’s blog for a while now, I had not really been aware of Sashes until reading your post yesterday. Everything that Sashes is about speaks to where my heart is at right now, and it blessed me greatly, so, thank you for sharing : )

    • GreatSmitten says:

      I’m SO glad you’re encouraged, Hannah! Jessi told me you emailed her, and we’re so thankful that Sashes is already reaching people, and basically doing what we’ve been praying it would do! Keep feeding back to us and let us know what you want from Sashes. xx

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