The Sanctuary Retreat: an update

April 12, 2019

A few things have changed/come to fruition since the last time I wrote about Sanctuary, so I thought it was time I wrote a new post to let you know about some exciting things happening with my first of what I hope will be many retreats for soulful women.

First of all – and what is probably the biggest news – the dates of the very first Sanctuary treat have been moved to the 18-21 September 2019.

I’ve been completely and utterly floored by the response to Sanctuary – it seems I’m not the only person overwhelmed by the all the voices telling me who I’m supposed to be and what I’m supposed to want. I’m not the only person feeling tired because of all the hustling I’ve been doing and feeling hungry for a message of rest and reconnection with my own heart and with the voice of Peace.

But what I also heard over and over again by every woman who emailed and Instagram DMed me was: “I can’t come to this one…I need more time.”

So, I decided to move Sanctuary back to the late English summer to give you the time to buy your plane ticket, arrange your childcare, save the money you need to make it happen.

You can now book your place at Sanctuary for £200, and your balance isn’t due until August 2019.

The second bit of news – and one I’m personally more excited about than I can probably communicate here without abusing exclamation points – is that my favourite yoga teacher, Caroline Williams, is flying to England from New York City, USA, to lead Sanctuary attendees in some yoga classes during the retreat.

Caroline Williams Yoga

I’ve been following Caroline online for years, and YouTube videos are a regular part of my week. In fact, during a very hard season of my life, her yoga flows were a lifeline to me – they kept me connected to my own body and to the voice of God in a way that not many other things could. I’m so grateful to her, and such a big fan of her.

She’s a kindred spirit when it comes to valuing rest, meditation, and the connection between body and soul, and her presence at Sanctuary makes me so, so happy. I’m excited for you and – okay – also for me.

From the beginning, my heart for Sanctuary has been to create the space I desperately needed a year ago, when life felt too loud and chaotic, and I wanted to run away and rest, and to relearn how to hear myself think.

At Sanctuary, I’m taking care of all your needs – through nourishing meals, restorative yoga, a comfortable bed and a beautiful surroundings, and connection with like-minded women – so that all you have to think about is listening.

Sanctuary is your space to turn off all the voices telling you who you’re supposed to be, so you can remember who you already are.

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