The world doesn’t need more Faith Dwights.

October 30, 2014

If I’m feeling dried out, there’s no shortage of inspiration. I can spend all day on Pinterest finding design ideas, or read a thousand other blogs or books, or stalk seventeen different photographers who take pictures I like, and love every one of them even though they’re all different, and then get confused about which one I want to be.

But you know what the world doesn’t need? The world doesn’t need my failed attempts at being Jessi Connolly or Natalie Norton or Hannah Brencher. The world needs me.

And then it needs you.

It needs us to shut down all the voices competing for our attention, to stop trying to build a business like hers or write a blog like his. It needs us just to sit quietly and ask the big questions. The ones we haven’t asked yet because we’re afraid that if we take a break from all the studying of everyone else we think we might want to be, the fragile houses we’ve been building will crumble.

And they will.

But underneath the rubble, I think we’ll be surprised at what we find. Beneath all the try-hards and almost-as-goods, we find our voice. And it is not less-than. It is strong and significant, and the world needs it. The world needs us. 

Imitation is an exhausting game. It doesn’t do anyone any favours, and all that stuff about the highest form of flattery? I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be flattered. I want to see who you are, to watch you unfold. And then I want to high-five you as you cross the finish-line of your dreams.

So let’s do the world a favour and throw off the chains of mimicry. Let’s ask the hard questions, and not be afraid of the answers (spoiler alert: they’re always good news).

Let’s find out who we are. And then let’s give ourselves a way.

8 responses to “The world doesn’t need more Faith Dwights.”

  1. larkandbloom says:

    Umm… Fantastic . Amazing. Perfection.

  2. Susan Jenkins says:

    Well said, dear Faith. You have realized this early in life. Facebook, I fear, sometimes contributes to this mimicry and “one upmanship”, whether we are aware or not. I hope this doesn’t come across as negative and I hope you “get” what I mean. Facebook has many wonderful qualities and is helpful to connect with people in positive ways. Sometimes as you scroll through, its easy to be caught up in the news feed and wanting to be as happy, as loved, as successful as all the “awesome” and “amazing” people and events we find marching across our phone and computer screens. ( the two most overused “A”words in modern times.) Please do not take this as coming from a cynical old woman. Just ask your mom……in our minds we are still thirtyish! ( maybe even twentyish”) You are so wise, and so refreshing, and your writings are something I greatly enjoy! Never stop because it would be a sin not to use this gift the has been given to you from our Farher. Love you, Susan Jenkins Sent from my iPad


  3. This is beautiful. You are beautiful. Still just a huge Faith Dwight fan.

  4. Holly says:

    Yes to all of this!

  5. Erin Salmon says:

    Oh, Faith. Needed this in the worst way today. “The world doesn’t need any of my failed attempts to be Jessi Connolly or Natalie Norton or Hannah Brencher. The world needs me.”

  6. Audrey says:

    I love Faith Dwight BECAUSE there’s only one of you. Just saying.

    If only I held myself in the same regard. Thank you for this thoughtful post that highlights a struggle we all experience in our own ways.

    • Faith says:

      You are amazing! PLEASE hold yourself in high regard. You are amazing and the world really needs your voice – what only you can bring. xx

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