Tom + Rosanna | a fifth wedding anniversary session in the river

August 23, 2017

I’ve been talking to Tom and Rosanna about getting in the River Ouse with me for over a year, so when I found out their fifth wedding anniversary was this summer, and they’re moving to America soon, it seemed like the perfect opportunity.

I love adventurous couples, and these two are the King and Queen of adventure. Honestly, every time I speak to them they’ve done something spontaneous like taking the train to Paris to go to Disneyland for the day, or driving to the beach at midnight, or you know, upping sticks and moving to America for a year. Nothing surprises me.

They love each other hard, too, and that love that they have for each other – their sense of fun and their crazy forgiveness and their commitment to seeing the best in each other – spills into all their friendships.

I’m such a big fan.

Couple that with my love for the water and, well, you can see why this shoot made me ridiculously happy. I hope it makes you happy too.


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