What a girl wants

October 24, 2009

I only chose the title of this blog because I was watching a promo for the Rachael Ray show and the girl who plays Rachel Berry on Glee is going to be on tomorrow, and she was singing the Christina Aguilera hit…


What this girl wants is more of the same.  I feel like I’ve found myself again.  The old Faith is back.  Or is this a new Faith?  Either way, I like her.

She cooks dinner almost every night (from scratch!), and bakes sourdough bread and scones and gives them all away to anyone who happens to walk through the door.  She makes more jewelry and sews baby bibs for her pregnant friends.  She teaches four classes a week and laughs a lot, and watches the Rachael Ray show in the mornings.  She runs (2.5 miles now!) and goes for long bike rides, where she gets really sweaty but mostly likes the feeling of coasting down hills with the wind in her face.

I don’t think things will be just like they are right now for very much longer.  Life always goes like that, in seasons – in ebbs and flows.  But I’m just digging my toes into the sand while the tide’s out, and I’ll let it wash over me when it heads back this way.

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