What happened to me?

October 7, 2011

Someone landed on my blog this week by typing in the following search term:

“What happened to smitten mama?”

What happened, indeed.

We moved into our new house nearly a month ago, and our phone and internet have still not been set up.

There have been numerous phone calls to British Telecom.  There has been heavy sighing.  There has been weeping and gnashing of teeth.

No internet feels like more than just an inconvenience to me:

I’m a web editor with no web.

I’m a 3000-mile-away daughter and friend with no Skype or email.

I’m a blogger with no blog.

I’d love to say it’s all been sorted out and I’m back with a vengeance, but alas, no such luck.  The most recent update is that the BT man will come on Tuesday.  We can only hope this will be V-Day – the day I get to Skype my mom, do my online grocery shopping, and overload Great Smitten with everything I’ve been saving up for the past month:

Until then, I leave you with this photo of my beautiful son…

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