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April 27, 2012

Let me tell y’all where I am right now.

I’m in a season.  It’s a beautiful, broken, long-awaited season of seeing some of the creative things I’ve been dreaming of for a long time come to fruition.  There are other things happening, too.  Things that are less dreams-come-true and more waiting, more routine, more quietness.  But in this season, yes, I’m realizing some dreams.

Before this season, I was in another season.  There were dreams-come-true in that season, too, but they were dreams about motherhood and marriage.  And there was waiting then, too.  And hoping, and praying.

And before that, there was another season.  A season of dreams about travel and adventure coming true.  But I was waiting then, for my husband.  For a family.

All this is to say that, while I’m in a season right now where I’m having so much fun creating and dreaming, it has all happened at this time.  In this place.  And before the time was right, it wasn’t right.  Not for these dreams, but for others.

And I fully realize that some of you are like me, and are enjoying your creative dreams coming true. But many of you are in those seasons of other dreams, and of waiting for your dreams, and of waiting for the time to be right.  Waiting for Him to make it so.

That’s why I’m devoting the month of May to talking about dreams on Great Smitten.  I’ve invited some very special people to talk about their dreams here, so in addition to the continuing Do Your Dream Monday features, some other girls are going to be sharing about their dreams, and their seasons.  I’m also going to share some practical things that have helped me in my waiting and hoping.

I hope you’ll find it so encouraging.  I hope it will help you celebrate your dreams-come-true, and that it will help you wait more patiently for your dreams-as-yet-unrealized.

Got any specific questions about dreaming?  Things you want to hear about?  Holla back.

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