When home becomes a holiday

September 18, 2007

I (Faith) am in North Carolina. My friend Anna is getting married on Saturday, so I’ve come home for the wedding. I didn’t think I was going to be able to, but my wonderful husband practically made me. (I ‘m cheap and he forces me to spend money when it’s something really important to me). Anna and I lived together in college in a cute/scary little apartment in an old house. You could always smell pot when you were coming up the stairs – Anna had to tell me what it was (I learned more than Shelley and Keats in college).

There was a gay couple downstairs named Antonio and Charles. They were really nice guys but they had an almost scary obsession with antiques. We went into their apartment once and it was crammed full of old kitschy stuff….

Anna and I were both going through pretty bad break-ups when we lived together, so it’s an extra blessing now to see we’ve both got amazing men who love us very much! Here’s mine:

Moving on, I’m sitting in one of my mom’s gliders, looking out the front window at my dad’s horses. I just watched him throw some hay into the field, cause it’s been a bit too dry for any grass to grow.

I just realized I’ve been here 4 days and haven’t taken any pictures, so I’m going to do that today and put loads on. But for now, here are a couple of random ones from the summer:
This is me and my little sister on the train in London…

My (new) brother, Dan.

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  1. Anne Jackson says:

    Fun adventures!! He looks like he’s gonna punch the camera…

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