Where you be?

January 3, 2012

Would you mind doing me a(nother) wee favor?  I’m doing some planning (Me?  Planning?  I know, right.) for the coming year, and I wondered if you could just take a sec to let me know where you live.  I’m not going to come to your house or anything – unless you invite me, and bake me cookies and make me nice coffee – I just want to get a better idea of who’s reading this here little blog so that I can plan content that you like.  (And also so I can let interested advertisers know who they’re advertising to.  Advertisers!  I know, right.)

I very much appreciate it.  Thank you!  You’re the best.

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Oh, also, did you see I got a facebook like button over to the right?  Thank you, wordpress, for finally making this possible.  (It’s about dang time, really.  It’s 2012.)  Anyhoo, if you like Great Smitten, well then, please like it.  Cause I like you.  Mwah.


10 responses to “Where you be?”

  1. Callie says:

    Faith, You are invited to my house and I will make you cookies and coffee… or baklava and sachlav…. or biscuits and gravy. 😉

  2. You may come over anytime. I bet we’d have a blast 🙂 With as frazzled as I am with a 1, and 2 year old, and #3 on the way, I do not promise cookies, or a clean house, but you’re still welcome LOL

    • GreatSmitten says:

      Brooke, I cannot believe you’re pregnant again. Hats off to you, woman. I think I would die if I was pregnant right now, and I’ve only got Adlai!

  3. Helen says:

    How about cupcakes and hot chocolate? We don’t really do coffee! Come any time xxx

  4. Heidi says:

    I couldn’t fill in the blank, but it’s France, though I’m in Cornwall at the moment:)

  5. mama says:

    You’re welcome here absolutely anytime. You can help yourself to any food we have and I’ll even babysit for free! 🙂

    • GreatSmitten says:

      Thanks Mama. 🙂 Perhaps I’ll set Adlai’s highchair in front of the computer and you can cyber babysit while I go have my hair done.

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