Who doesn’t love a sale?

March 30, 2012

You’ve heard me screeching about my excitement over my upcoming blog redesign.

Jessi is the girl doing that design and, in addition to making people’s blogs pretty, she also makes beautiful scripture prints, which she sells in her online shop.

Now, I’m going to tell you more about Jessi soon, but she’s got something exciting going on today, and I just couldn’t wait because, well, it’s ONLY TODAY.

If you use the code FORTY when you check out on her etsy shop, you get 40% off your order.  40 PERCENT!  That’s a lot!

I’m telling you about this because I love Jessi, and I love her blog, and I love her prints.

I also want more original art in my house, and I’m just about to take advantage of Jessi’s “Buy 3, Get One Free” deal.

I'm gettin' this one, 'cause we said it at our nuptials.

And I wanted to pass on the love.

AND, as long as we’re talking about pretty things, there are still a few days left for you to enter the Four Hats Press Giveaway and win Cory’s sweet set of Calendartines.

AND (this is the last thing, I promise), don’t forget to come back Monday for the next amazing lady in the Do Your Dream series.

See you then!

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