Why Sanctuary?

January 14, 2019

There are fields of sheep surrounding the farmhouse where I’m hosting my first retreat this coming Spring. There’s also an orchard out back, where the owners grow apples they use to make their own cider. There are open fireplaces, and a big farmhouse table, and the kitchen of my dreams. A few miles away, there’s a little village with a harbour and a beach.

In short, there are a dozen places to find yourself.

A dozen places to get quiet, to listen to the wind blow through the leaves, to watch the waves lapping at the shore, and boats bobbing in the water, to get away from all the external voices telling you who you’re supposed to be, so you can remember who you already are. 

I created Sanctuary because of something I saw a need for in myself: Space to breathe, to rest, to wake up.

A place to get quiet in the day, and at night: to sit around a farmhouse table and eat nourishing meals and laugh over full glasses of wine with women who get it. Women who are creative and soulful and need space just like you do. Women who need you.

If you’ve been wondering if Sanctuary is for you:

It’s for you if you’re tired, if you’re busy, if you’re stuck.

It’s for you if the hardest question to answer is “how are you?”

It’s for you if you scroll Instagram in search of answers to questions like “what should I do” and “what do I want?”

It’s for you if your relationship has ended and you’re wondering what’s next.

It’s for you if you’ve been building a business for a long time and aren’t sure if you’ve also built a life.  

It’s for you if you’ve been giving yourself to your family and have forgotten what it feels like to be touched by someone who doesn’t want something from you. 

It’s for you if you need to turn off a hundred different voices so you can hear the only one that matters. 

If you’ve been afraid of the quiet, don’t be. This is your place to find it, while we stand guard for you. This is your place to ask those questions you’ve been afraid to know the answers to, and to know there are a group of women standing with you, listening for their own answers (it’s less scary if we all do it together).

That’s the why. If it sounds like what you need, you’re invited.

Here are all the logistics: the food, the bed, the cost. 

And here are some answers to your questions.

And if you have others? Email me. 


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