“You’re ruining moving day!”

July 20, 2009

On our anniversary this year, my husband made a list of all the things he loves about me.  One of my favorites?  He said he loves the way I have a special outfit for every occasion, kind of like Barbie.

Let’s see…there’s DIY Faith (jeans with hole in the knee, plaid button-down, brown Chuck Taylors), Sporty Faith (black yoga capris, sports bra, tank top, running shoes), and Summer Wedding Faith (strapless dress – pick your color – sandals, clutch, and a big bangle).

Today, I was Moving Day Faith (old denim capris, blue and white striped tank top, no makeup, bangs pinned back, bossy face on).  That’s right; we moved today.  We currently reside in the basement of my friends’ Steve and Sarah’s house, where I’m sitting right at this very moment.  I’ve arranged our living room furniture down here, lit a few candles, put up some photos of me and Simes and, I must say…it’s all looking quite homey.

Next on my to-do list: job-hunting.  If all goes well, I’ll soon be Interview Faith (cream cardigan, brown pencil skirt, brown heels).

*By the way, tell me where the quote “You’re Ruining Moving Day!” comes from in the comments section, and I’ll choose from the correct answers for a verrry special prize.  Ready?  GO!

6 responses to ““You’re ruining moving day!””

  1. Brock Sawyer says:

    Wasn’t that Chandler from Friends?

  2. seven says:

    Friends, right?

  3. amanda says:

    pretty sure the bossy face wasn’t present, but the rest of moving day faith was definitely there both times i helped pack and move you out of your house in smithfield. at that time, it might have been more of a “how is this going to happen by sunday stop asking me questions i think i’m getting a cold from the dust” face.

    and i think it’s chandler from friends.

  4. Helen says:

    Whaaaa! I hate that I can’t imagine you any more. I could imagine you at the bungalow and at your parents but not now. I need pics please xxxx

  5. v.ron says:


  6. Natasha says:

    I know it has already been said, but “Friends” and I believe it’s followed by a “for us” when Chandler says it! xx

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